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It is true. One of our “love” languages is food. We have collected some of our favorite and most delicious recipes!

  • Nana’s Chocolate Sheet Cake. One afternoon, Nana “whipped” up this cake without even looking at the recipe. Without telling her, we entered it into the cake contest and it was awarded the “Grand Champion” award. Yes, it is that good. This was a special day. Our family had 3 generations of award-winning bakers.
  • Nana’s Key Lime Pie. This award-winning, no-bake pie is perfect for a hot Oklahoma summer day.
  • Reece’s Peanut Butter Pie. With a name like “Reece”, I better have a recipe for peanut butter pie! And here it is. This award- winning pie (1st Place and 3rd Place) is as easy to make as it is delicious. Enjoy!
  • Reece’s BBQ Man Pie. So the pie contest had a category just for guys. But, “The Guy” was undefeated.  He learned how to make the flakiest, most tender pie crust in the whole world from his loving pie-maestro Grandmother. What to do? What to do? READ THE CONTEST RULES VERY CLOSELY! The rules did not say it had to be a dessert pie. Hmm. How about a savory pie? (I’m thinking something like a Shepard’s Pie.) How about a pie with a BACON crust? How about a pie with a BBQ filling? Thus, the BBQ Man Pie was born – and took 1st Place. Even “The Guy” liked it – a lot!
  • Reece’s Neapolitan Cake. Bake 3 separate cakes – vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate.  After applying the frosting, stack the layers and serve with Neapolitan ice cream. This “combination” of 3 very basic cakes won its category on the novelty of its presentation.