What do Prince and Aretha Franklin both have in common?

They are both celebrities that died without a will.

If you think it is hard to read your mind while you are alive, just imagine how hard it will be to read your mind when you are dead. This means it could take the Probate Court a long time to figure things out.

As an example, it is estimated that the value of Prince’s estate is $200 million or more. Yet, two years after his death, his heirs still have not received any money.

What makes Aretha Franklin’s $80 million case so concerning is that she has a special needs son who will need financial support for the rest of his life. And who knows how long will it take to settle her estate?

In the end, Aretha Franklin, was not able to do it “Her Way”. Instead, her family will do it the Probate Court way.

As we pay our respects to these great artists, their example should remind us of the need to have a will.

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