To start your own Limited Liability Company or LLC, it is necessary to complete an application called the “Articles of Organization” with the Oklahoma Secretary of State.

One of the questions on this form relates to the “Term of Existence” or how long will the LLC live.

Most filers just put “Perpetual.” This means that the company can exist continuously until the owners file Articles of Dissolution or the LLC longer complies with the annual LLC filing requirements.

Or, it is possible to provide a specific number of years – like 25, 50 or 99 years. Then, on the 25th, 50th or 99th birthday of the LLC, the LLC will automatically cease to exist.

Finally, it is also possible to provide a specific date sometime in the future. Then when the date arrives, the LLC, by operation of law, will cease to exist.

And remember that the Articles of Organization can be amended should you need to change the term of existence.

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