Every Limited Liability Company must specify the name, and mailing address of their Registered Agent. This is important because the RA will be the first one to receive any legal paperwork should the LLC be become involved in a lawsuit.

But who can be a Registered Agent?

Oklahoma allows an LLC to be its own Registered Agent although this may not be a good idea. If the LLC becomes defunct, how is the LLC going to receive the legal paperwork?

Second, there are companies that charge an annual fee to be the Registered Agent. When and if they should receive any legal paperwork they then forward it to a designated person.

Third, an individual that is a resident of the state of Oklahoma can be a Registered Agent. Although this can be one of the Members or the Managers, a better solution may be to have a business professional such as an accountant or lawyer to be the RA. Then, if any paperwork arrives, they can review it, contact the Members or the Managers and discuss what action needs to be taken.

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